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Unlocking Potential: Results of a National Survey of Postsecondary Education in Prisons (Gorgol & Sponsler, 2011)

Learning to Reduce Recidivism: A 50-State Analysis of Postsecondary Correctional Education Policy (Erisman & Contardo, 2005)

Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn't, What's Promising (Sherman et al., 1998)

Investing in Futures: Economic and Fiscal Benefits of Postsecondary Education in Prison (Vera Institute, 2019)

Momentum for Prison Education (Smith, 2018)

Literature Locked Up: How Prison Book Restriction Policies Constitute the Nation's Largest Book Ban (PEN America, 2019)


The School to Prison Pipeline: Long-Run Impacts of School Suspensions on Adult Crime (Bacher-Hicks, Billings & Deming, 2019).

Evaluation of North Carolina's Pathways from Prison to Postsecondary Education Program (Davis & Tolbert, 2019)

Getting Back on Course: Educational Exclusion and Attainment among Formerly Incarcerated People (Couloute, 2018)

Measuring Change: From Rates of Recidivism to Markers of Desistance (Klingele, 2019)

"What Percent of the U.S. is Incarcerated?" (And other Ways to Measure Mass Incarceration) (Wagner & Bertram, 2020)

Prison Policy Initiative 2018-2019 Annual Report (PPI, 2019)

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019 (Sawyer & Wagner, 2019)

States of Incarceration: The Global Context 2018 (Wagner & Sawyer, 2018)

Correctional Control 2018: Incarceration and Supervision by State (Jones, 2018)

Era of Mass Expansion: Why State Officials Should Fight Jail Growth (Aiken, 2017)

Following the Money of Mass Incarceration (Wagner & Rabuy, 2017)

Prisons of Poverty: Uncovering the Pre-Incarceration Incomes of the Imprisoned (Rabuy & Kopf, 2015)

The Racial Geography of Mass Incarceration (Wagner & Kopf, 2015)

Don't Stop Now: California Leads the Nation in Using Public Higher Education to Address Mass Incarceration. Will we Continue? (Corrections to College California, 2018)

Expanding Access to Postsecondary Education in Prison: Fact Sheet for Corrections Leaders (Vera, 2017)

Highlights from the U.S. PIAAC Survey of Incarcerated Adults: Their Skills, Work Experience, Education, and Training (NCES IES, 2014)

Making the Grade: Developing Quality Postsecondary Education Programs in Prison (Delaney, Subramanian & Patrick, 2016)

Disproportionate Impact of K-12 School Suspension and Expulsion on Black Students in Southern States (Smith & Harper, 2015)

The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Black and White (ACLU RI, 2015)

How Effective is Correctional Education, and Where do We Go from Here? The Results of a Comprehensive Evaluation (Davis et al., 2014)

The Degree of Disadvantage: Incarceration and Inequality in Education (Ewert, Sykes & Pettit, 2014)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education: A Meta-Analysis of Programs that Provide Education to Incarcerated Adults (Davis et al., 2013)

Are Black Kids Worse? Myths and Facts about Racial Differences in Behavior (Skiba & Williams, 2014)

The Post-Release Employment and Recidivism among Different Types of Offenders with a Different Lvel of Education: A 5-Year Follow-Up Study in Indiana (Nally et al., 2012)

The Education of D.C.: How Washington D.C.'s Investments in Education can Help Increase Public Safety (Ashton)

Misplaced Priorities: Over Incarcerate, Under Educate: Excessive Spending on INcarceration Undermines Educational Opportunity and Public Safety in Communities (NAACP, 2011)

Education & Incarceration (Western, Schiraldi & Ziedenberg, 2003)

Education Opportunities in Prison are Key to Reducing Crime (Bender, 2018)


GTL: Using Education to Change Correction

Offering Prisoners a Second Chance Through Education

How I Learned to Read - and Trade Stocks - In Prison

College Behind Bars PBS Trailer

Why Correctional Education Matters

Why Invest in College in Prisons?

The Impact of Prison Education: A Short Documentary

How Education Gave this Former Prisoner a Second Chance

Cory Booker Tess the Truth About Our Prison System

He Who Opens a School Closes a Prison

Prison to School Pipeline: Education as Transformation

Turning Prisons into Schools

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