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American Legal System

An introduction to the American legal system.
Topics include:
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Systems
  • Historical Laws and Systems
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Sources of Law
  • U.S. Court System
  • Litigation Process
  • Role of judges, juries, and Attorneys
  • Briefing a Case
  • Personal Injury and Tort Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property Law
  • Civil Law
  • Current Legal Issues
  • Overview of Legal Cases

Recommended Resources

Law 101 (Feinman, 2018)

FIRAC (Guenther, 2012)



General Resources

Briefing Cases

How to Brief a Case

How to IRAC a Law Case (video)

Criminal Law (online textbook)



Resources: Founding

Declaration of Independence

U.S. Constitution

Federalist Papers

Anti-Federalist Papers

Philadelphia Convention

Articles of Confederation

Writings of James Madison

Online Resources

The 1st Amendment Encyclopedia

Library of Congress


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