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International Relations

An introduction to the field of international relations.  A study of political, economic, and social factors which impact the behavior of states and other international actors.
Topics include:
  • Historical Context
  • International Relations Theories
  • International Political Economy
  • Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • International Law
  • War and Terrorism
  • Human Rights
  • Transnational Issues
Image of people comprised of national flags.

Online Journals and Magazines

Global Policy

Foreign Affairs

Review of International Studies

International Politics (Some Open Access Articles)

Foreign Policy 

E-International Relations


Open Source Scholarly Articles

CORE (COnnecting REpositories)

DART Europe

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

Google Scholar

International and Area Studies Commons

Social Science Open Access Repository

Social Science Research Network



International Relations: An Introduction

Bringing International Relations Theory to Life (Smith)

Theory in Action: Realism

Theory in Action: Liberalism

Theory in Action: Constructivism

Structural Realism (Mearsheimer)

Liberal Theory (Moravscik)

Critical Theory (Ree)

Political Theory: Karl Marx 

Major Theories of IR

Realism and Neorealism

Ted Talks Videos

The Importance of Developing Your Foreign Policy

Why Nations Fail

Economics, Democracy, & The New World Order

The Key to International Relations Post 9/11

What Game Theory Teaches Us about War

What Global Trade Deals are Really About

Joseph Nye on Global Power Shifts

War and Peace in the 21st Century

Idea of a Nation State: What Makes a Country?

The Art of Diplomacy

Old Geographies, new orders: China, India and the Future of Asia

Foreign Aid: Are We Really Helping Others or Just Ourselves?

What Does it Mean to Be a Citizen of the World?

JANUX Videos (University of Oklahoma)

Radical Islam

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia

The White Papers

The Balfour Declaration


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

What is Political Ecology?

The United Nations

International Law, Organization, and Regimes

Nongovernmental Organizations

Levels of Analysis

Failed States


History of the Global Economic System

Global Financial Institutions

Humanitarian Intervention


Miscellaneous Web Sources

International Issues

United Nations

European Union

CIA World Factbook

Globalization in the Future

Theories of World Politics

Maps of Key Regions in the History of IR

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization

World Trade Organization

International Monetary Fund

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Free Textbooks and IR Related Books

International Relations (McGlinchey ed.)

International Relations Theory (McGlinchey et al. eds.)

System, Society and the World: Exploring the English School of International Relations: 2nd Edition (Murray ed.)

Reprogramming the World (Blount)

Sexuality and Translation in World Politics (Cottet & Picq)

Regional Security in the Middle East (Koch & Stivachtis)

New Perspectives on China's Relations with the World (Johanson, Li & Wu)

Great Power Policies Towards Central Europe 1914 - 1945 (Piahanau)

Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East (Stivachtis ed.)

Critical Perspectives on Migration in the 21st Century (Karakoulaki, Southgate & Steiner)

The Sources of Russia's Great Power Politics (Kuzio & D'Anieri)

The 'Clash of Civilizations' 25 Years On (Orsi)

Sounds of War: Aesthetics, Emotions and Chechnya (Hast)

Realism in Practice: An Appraisal (Orsi, Avgustin & Nurnus)

Meditations on Diplomacy: Comparative Cases in Diplomatic Practice and Foreign Policy (Chan)

Reflections on the Posthuman in International Relations (Eroukhmanoff & Harker eds.)

Critical Epistemologies of Global Politics (Woons & Weier eds)

Ukraine in Conflict: An Analytical Chronicle (Marples)

Migration and the Ukraine Crises: A Two-Country Perspective (Pikulicka-Wilczewska & Uehling)

Understanding Post-9/11 Afghanistan (Shahi)

Time, Temporality and Global Politics (Hom et al., eds.)​

Environment, Climate Change and International Relations       (Sosa-Nunez & Atkins eds.)

Ukrain's Euromaidan: Broadcasting through Information Wars with Hromadske Radio (Dyczok)

Restoring Indigenous Self-Determination: Theoretical and Practical Approaches (Woons ed.)

Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the Twenty-First Century (Herrington, McKay & Haynes eds.)

Popular Culture and World Politics: Theories, Methods, Padagogies (Caso & Hamilton eds.)

Ukraine and Russia: People, Politics, Propaganda and Perspectives (Pikulicka-Wilczewska & Sakwa eds.)

Caliphates and Islamic Global Politics (Poirson & Oprisko eds.)

Into the Eleventh Hour: R2P, Syria and Humanitarianism in Crisis (E-International Relations)

Huntington's Class of Civilizations Twenty Years On (E-International Relations)

Boko Haram: Anatomy of a Crisis (E-International Relations)

Year One of a Nation: South Sudan's Independence: A Compendium of pieces from e-International Relations

The Sacred and the Sovereign (Haynes et al.)

The Arab Spring of Discontent (E-International Relations)

The Anatomy of a Crisis: Perspectives on the 2009 Iranian Election (E-International Relations)

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (Mearsheimer, 2001)

International Relations Research Institutes

Atlantic Council

British American Security Information Council

Brookings Institution

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Chatham House: The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Council on Foreign Relations

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Unions Institute for Security Studies

Freedom House

Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations

German Institute of Global and Area Studies

The Heritage Foundation

Hoover Institution

Institute for Security & Development Policy

The Jamestown Foundation

The Japan Institute of International Affairs

Migration Policy Institute

Open Canada

Peterson Institute for International Economics

Population Reference Bureau

RAND Corporation

Royal United Services Institute

Russian International Affairs Council

Stanley Center for Peace and Security

Transparency International

United States Institute of Peace

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

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